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What are we doing?

We're developing a tool for pediatricians that will enable them to screen for and diagnose the most common cause of early childhood hearing loss: Otitis Media with Effusion.


Pediatricians are only 53% accurate at screening for otitis media with effusion (OME), which is the most common cause of hearing loss in young children. When this OME is persistent or recurrent (happens in ~9% of kids), it can result in significant developmental delays which contribute to significant morbidity and $20B+ in cost in the US alone.

Our solution improves this accuracy to 89% (per a pilot study completed at Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Clinic). This enables this tool to be used for effective screening of OME in the pediatric population by primary care pediatricians. If OME is detected, they can bring the patient back for a follow-up exam and if it is still present, they will refer to ENTs for further care (typically ear tube placement). Current tools are not accurate enough (white light otoscopes), are extremely challenging to use on young pediatric patients (pneumatic otoscopy), or are too expensive and disruptive to be used in a typical well child exam as a screening tool (audiometry and advanced otoscopy technologies).

Our Solution

Our solution integrates a low-power laser and polarization optics into a white light otoscope. The otoscope works just the same as a traditional otoscope, but with the push of a button, laser light scatters in middle ear effusion fluids, indicating the presence of this fluid to the doctor with a halo of light (and absence with no halo). This enables pediatricians to quickly screen young patients (6 months to 6 years) for middle ear fluid without disrupting their existing workflows with tools that are familiar to them, requiring little to no training. This solves a diagnostic challenge that pediatricians have with using existing tools.

We’re improving ergonomics and controls at the same time as we add laser functionality in order to improve adoption among further physicians: adult primary care, specialists and expert users


We've raised >$100k so far, but will need additional funding to pay for safety testing, manufacturing scale-up and building an initial sales channel (we're planning to start this raise in Q1 2024). Please contact us below if you have interest in partnering with us to help solve the most common cause of early childhood hearing loss!

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